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Tibetan Lamb Gold Bench – Review

After longtime i’m gonna review the product which i liked it so much and can’t wait to share with you all.Yes I’m going to review about “Tibetan Lamb Gold Bench”

First let’s know about Tibetan Lamb :-

This lamb is similar to Mongolian lamb,except the silky hair is longer – as long as 3-4 Inches and maybe also can be dyed and can be straightened if they become too frizzy.

It originate not really from Tibet but from the Chinese provinces Shansi.

tibetan lamb fur collar

tibetan lamb fur collar

Let’s know about Tibetan lamb Gold Bench

If you’re looking for the best seating Tibetan lamb Gold bench is perfect choice.Yes Its truly suits for Older and Younger children and also it made up of finest selections of Tibetan lamb fur.It’s available in many different colors such as Natural , Soft pink , Purple , orange and many more.

tibetan lamb

Tibetan lamb Gold Bench-Natural

Why Buy a Tibetan lamb Gold Bench :-

Tibetan lamb  is the authentic one and really it’s suit for different tastes and of course it’s unique one.cushion is made up of real lambskin and it’s the perfect solution for people who need to accommodate guests in extremely close quarters.

Tibetan wool is knows for its soft and luxurious silky texture.Great accent piece for living room or bedroom.

Currently valued at $950 and i must say its a great piece to have in your home.

Excited to Try? Go Grab one and Feel the experience.

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Expect the Unexpected

Team logo Tandem TensomeThis is the 16th Part of the story by our team “Tandem Tensome”. Read the previous chapters here : Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 , Part 8 , Part 9 , Part 10 , Part 11 ,  Part 12 , Part 13 , Part 14 , Part 15

Team Members :-

Dr. Raksha Bhat, Aditi Pathak, Sajal Kumar Aggarwal, Nandini Garg, Sammya Brata, Rathina Sankari, Swathi Shenoy, Swati Mittal, Sathya Narayanan, and Oeendree Mukherjee

Chapter 16. Expect the Unexpected

Jennifer did not expect Cyrus of all people, shocked at his arrival she avoided looking into his eyes. A hundred things ran in her mind.

”Freak!!! What is he doing here!?!” she thought.

Cyrus pulled a chair at the dining table and sat down, constantly looking at Jennifer. A hundred and more things ran in his mind too. While he, Shekhar and Mr. Ahuja were at a conversation and the usual male banter, Roohi looked at all of them and said ” It’s the first time we are having so many people at home for dinner, what say Papa?”

Everyone laughed while Mr. Ahuja looked at Roohi with an odd smile. There was his little girl. He knew his pup brought him closer to whatever he wanted.

“Why don’t you guys play with me and my new pup?’ Roohi said with all the eagerness she could gather looking at Cyrus and Jennifer.

“They must be tired Roohi, they are here after work, don’t trouble them…” Shekhar remarked.

“Ah! Yes! Roohi, I will have to rush home after dinner, I have an important work you see” Jennifer said mentally thanking Shekhar more than her stars, spending time with Cyrus ever again was the last thing on her mind right now.

“IMPORTANT?” Cyrus thought to himself.

Shekhar noticed that Jeniffer did not seem to be the girl he first met at the railway station in Kochi, she was so full of life back then and now there was something that made her uncomfortable here at the dining table “Rather someone?!?” he thought.

Are you Okay?” asked Shekhar giving her a glass of water.

“Yeah I’m Okay…all fine…all fine!” she replied. Cyrus looked at the two all the while, gobbling up the food he remarked” If this is how you cook, your wife must be really lucky Shekhar!”

Jennifer coughed.

“Cyrus is right, you can as well open a restaurant Shekhar, if you need someone to take care of Roohi I am always around for help?” Mr. Ahuja said looking at Roohi with the same old gaze.

Shekhar smiled saying “I am happy as a freelance writer, I can take care of my little angel right now. What more do I need, spending time with my daughter is the most I ask for!”

Cyrus tried his best to talk to Jennifer, every time he did that she would turn to Roohi to divert her attention. Here is one tough girl!” he said looking at Jennifer and Roohi.

“Yes of course, that’s my daughter!” said Shekhar fondly patting Roohi’s head and pulling her pony tail. While Roohi giggled, Jennifer for the first time looked at Cyrus that evening and gave him a killer stare that kind of summed up what she had for him.

Shekhar’s phone rang.

“Where are you?” said Tara from the other end.

“Having dinner at home, few guests today!” said Shekhar and snapped.

Tara kept the phone and thought “Guests? Who? At home?”

Life was really going round the bend for her right now, or was it for everyone?

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An Evening And a Change

Team logo Tandem TensomeThis is the 9th Part of the story by our team. Read the previous chapters here : Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 , Part 8

Team Members :-

Dr. Raksha Bhat, Aditi Pathak, Sajal Kumar Aggarwal, Nandini Garg, Sammya Brata, Rathina Sankari, Swathi Shenoy, Swati Mittal, Sathya Narayanan, and Oeendree Mukherjee

Chapter 9: An Evening And A Change

Shekhar drove the car to the finest pizza outlet in town. While Roohi sat playing with her doll in the backseat, Jennifer sat beside him. It had been ages since both of them had some company, there were times when he wanted to ask Tara to come along for a long drive or a small family outing which for reasons known never materialized. He was happy with Roohi, and Roohi was happy with him. Now looking at Jennifer sitting right next to him for a moment everything seemed perfect.

With one eye on the road and one on her, he drove through the bustling traffic on the roads of Mumbai. Jennifer looked at him and smiled asking “Yes?”

“Nothing!” said Shekhar despite something running in his mind. He looked at the road ahead and smiled to himself.

Jennifer’s phone beeped.

Jenni, PLEASE listen to me…this is important!”

Jennifer looked at the sender’s name-‘CYRUS’

It poked the joy and peace she was in now. After the heated conversation last night she had almost decided of giving it a closure, this virtual relationship was about to do more harm than good. Instead of tracking down the plagiarist she now felt that she had ended up in a soup herself.

What about that video chat?” Cyrus’s words rang in her ears again.

She ignored the text.

“Are you alright, need any help?” Shekhar said looking at her sigh and the little beads of perspiration on her forehead. “Err…yeah I am…hmm…nothing, it’s just about work” said Jennifer trying to hide her fears from becoming obvious.

“Ah! That’s great! Did you say you just got a job at the media firm we met you a while ago, what is the position, how much are they offering you Jennifer?” asked Shekhar to ease her a little bit.

“Oh yeah…remember I told you when we met the other day, I thought I would be here for a stint of internship…some photographer left the firm…they need one urgently, they think I am a good one to keep!” she said and winked. Shekhar laughed, thinking of Tara.

Her cell phone continued to beep.

As they reached the joint, they took the corner place with the sea view hoping Roohi would have a great time especially after the frightening experience of being ‘lost and found’ few hours ago.

Roohi screamed “Papa let’s order my favourite!”

“Peppy Pizza and Chocolate Ice Cream?” Shekhar said and laughed.

Jennifer smiled looking at the bond between the father and daughter.

While they munched on their pizzas Shekhar asked curiously “So how did you find your new boss?”

“Oh! She warned me about the smoking thing, too cold that was!” said Jennifer.

“Smoking is injurious to health” muttered Roohi listening to the elders speak.

“Your daughter is quite wise for her age” Jennifer said looking at Roohi delightedly.

“It helps me think more during work so I can’t avoid it, since you are saying, I will try to from now on sweetheart” she added pinching Roohi’s cheeks.

Her cell phone started buzzing, fifty odd texts and now a call. She cut.

The bill arrived and Jennifer said “This one is on me, I got a job today!”

“We will meet you more often then, we owe you one, don’t we Roohi?” said Shekhar and thanked her for the treat. Roohi smiled finishing her favourite chocolate ice cream, and the three left. Shekhar offered to drop Jennifer back home. He was happy after a long time. It was after all a great day, he had found his daughter Roohi and a new friend, Jennifer, with whom even a little conversation somehow seemed pleasant and endless. His phone rang.

“Where are you?” said Tara from the other end with a faint concern in her voice.

“On the way back home. Roohi is with me” said Shekhar and snapped.

Tara kept the phone ”Was that a girl?” thinking of the voice she heard in the background.

As Jennifer got down from the car and waved a good bye she looked at her cellphone, the last message read.

“Jennie I have the information, believe me this one time, this is for your good!”

The reality of their lives was about to get wilder than their dreams and imaginations.

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Celebrating #Madras375 With The Madras Song

This 22nd August ’14 Chennai will be 375..Yes As the part of #Madras375 Celebrations Murugappa Group Launched the Awesome Song Called “The Madras Song” , This song is a Tribute to the city that is home to the diversified conglomerate.

IMG_4534“The Madras Song” Was Officially Launched on August 18th at 8:00 PM and prior to that Pre-screening happened on the same day morning at Taj Connemara.



Excited to listen the Song ? Here is “The Madras Song”

A young lady lands in Chennai, rather Madras, for the first time. Quite deadbeat she takes a typical yellow top Ambassador cab to the city in the twilight. Next morning sparks off a whirlwind discovery of Madras where she flits between the various sights, sounds, smells and warmth the city has to offer. It’s a joyous trip where she interacts with the people of the city, travelling on a yellow scooter, waving from a cycle rickshaw or dancing on a street. From not knowing anything about the city, she ends up completely in love with it. (source)

I bet this song gonna be viral as i am writing this already 54,857 Views are crossed in just two days.

Director: Vijay Prabhakaran , Lyricist: Subu , Music Director: Vishal Chandrasekharan  Singer:Shakthisree Gopalan , Actor: Yasmin Ponnappa

Kudos to the Murugappa Group for Launching this awesome song,This song is tribute to the Memories and Magic of Madras!

Some tweets about 

Celebrate Madras Day with The Madras Song and Nurture the moments of Namma Chennai!

Pidicha Cut Out…Pidikalana Get out…375 aanalum not out.. Happy Madras Day!

It’s time to show your love of madras,share your memories and ofcourse this song using  on Twitter.

Follow @Murugappa_Group on Twitter to get the updates

Image Source : Murugappa Twitter and FB Page.


Jifi Is Here – Redefining the Future of Banking

We live in the age where everything is Social and we want to experience it all fast and hassle free but what about banking? Aren’t we need Easy and hassle free ?

Wait!! We have Jifi, it’s fully-integrated Social Bank Account an Initiative by Kotak Mahindra.

jifi1Jifi is Here and it’s fully Social..Yes,Banking is Now Social.

About Jifi Account :-

Jifi is a new age digital current account that offers Easy Access,hassle free transactions,earn points through sharing with your friends,connect your social account and many more.

Benefits of Jifi Account :-

Having Jifi Account has numerous benefits like earning social points,loyalty programs etc.,here are the detailed benefits :-

  • No minimum balance needed for this account.
  • Banking Account integrated Socially (Connected with Facebook & Twitter)
  • Banking Updates through Twitter ( @KotakJifi ) Now Get your banking details in Just DM away.
  • When your Account Balance crosses Rs.25,000,it gets automatically moved to a Term Deposit at applicable interest rates
  • Reward and Loyalty Points for online transactions and many more.
  • Own a Platinum Debit Card with premium benefits.
  • Earn social points by connecting Facebook, Twitter account and redeem it for online transactions.
  • A free 1 year subscription of Kotak Money Watch with Jifi.

jifi4How to Open a Jifi Account :-

  • Go to Kotak Jifi Website
  • Get your Invite via Facebook or E-mail (by Invite Only)
  • In Few days you will receive an exclusive invitation to open a Jifi Account.
  • Once you receive an Invitation,you can “Apply Online” tab on your Jifi Dashboard,post documentation formalities are completed your Jifi A/c would get Active.
  • For the Verification purpose you need to fund the account with Min Rs.5,000/- is required which you can later utilize for online transactions.

Jifi Account Currently available in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune. Launching in more cities soon.


 Sneak-Peak to my Kotak Jifi :-

I made my account with Jifi few months before and it was easy to open and i earned 450 social points through connecting social accounts,filling the application form etc.,


I am now in the process of making my account fully Active by funding the Min.Account soon (you can pay through debit card)

I must say accessing the website was very ease to use and all the information are understandable to everyone.

jifi3Let’s watch the Video and understand more about the process.


15763 People are already connected to Jifi-Join Now and feel the Digital Banking Experience.


This is my post for blogging contest organised by Indiblogger and Kotak Mahindra

Pictures Courtesy :- Kotak jifi website,Google