Things i like & Dislike in

About Zomato:

Some people wonder what is bt i think most of the food lovers know about this site..proud to be a food lover:) is a startup and they provide the whole details about food even from small nukkadwala to Hi-fi resto’ why u wait?go and see

but wait before u proceed bcs i wanna share likes and dislikes about zomato

Features i like in

1. Well versed and easy search–u can find all the information with menu card

2.Not only restaurant guide you can also see events thats happening in your town also can review the restos and get in touch with users-u just need FB or u can also signup by your mail.

Things they want to improve :

1.I think they also can add online payment system-like they can get contacts with restos and made them available online payment-so we can eat out in home.

2.They have to increase number of locations as we have only 10 now.

3.They have to make awareness about–bcs i hope only some strata of people know about this.

4.they can hire me–its not just a joke.. u ready steady go to visit and see the difference


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