Want to say important thing here!!!

Dear Friends

Hope You ppl are doing Fine:) i am hanging here and there..as u all people who read my blog know that i am dreaming big and u sum ppl can thnk me I am Crazy!!! ya i am really crazy to start this…frnds i need ur support,Ideas and lot more..i have some plans to start but i dont have structured business plan(It includes financial structure,way of resources etc)..i only have plans that what we can do with how much cost and some ideas:) but i need a strcture plan or u can say proposal so that i can submit to several big organisation or banks or whoseover interested to see my project/idea or whatevr u call.. so frnds/colleagues/well wishers and all who reading my blogs Can u help me to get structured???i need ur views with good info..if u have sample B-plan for telecom Industry then u can send it to my E-mail Id.Hope u ppl understand what i asked and if u feel like to ask any queries regarding this–feel free to Mail/Comment me.

Looking Forward for your replies:)


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