Flipkart.com Going to Marry Letsbuy.com!!!

Hai all:)Hope you all are doing fine:):):):)

I am gonna share some important news is going on in online market industry..Do you people know what?? it is flipkart going to buy letsbuy.com in short you can say going to marry with letsbuy.com:D

I am shocked after reading this news in Medianama and some other sites..in couple of days its going to buy.

Do you people think that its worth-able??

I think it will not such worthable to buy letsbuy.com which have much user complaints and also i feel unworthy site.

Then i know you may ask why then flipkart buying letsbuy??

I also have same questions in my mind..is it flipkart going mad??

currently flipkart is going good among youths but i dont know hwat worst will happen after buying(marrying) with letsbuy.com

I want to say that “Some mistakes are learn by experience.so,i think Flipkart will learn their mistake in futre”!!

Ok friends i think i bored you 😀 Let me come to the point before you killing me :p I need your views about this marriage 😀

Looking forward for your views:):)

With Regards

PS:if you want to read in detail about flipkart and letsbuy.com marriage..check ths link http://therodinhoods.com/forum/topics/letsbuy-com-and-flipkart-com-a-marriage-of-inconvenience


2 thoughts on “Flipkart.com Going to Marry Letsbuy.com!!!

  1. Bhaskar

    Hey sathya,

    Its not about getting mad,think that after buying letsbuy.com,they will get the no of customers increased and they may buy the things on flipkart.com,why they will use that bloody non-working site…:p


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