Tuesday’s Meme-4

Hey All 🙂

Today is D-Day for Ms.Preeti Shenoy because today she Launched her 3rd book-Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake :):)

Let me come to this Tuesday’s Meme No.4

Can a relationship be like a tea-stain? Why or why not?

And my answer is Yes Of course relationships are like tea a tea-stain..it never fade until and unless you wash off.So,handle with care 🙂 Be truthful to yourself and your partner if you want true love-Because relationship should be bounded to each other,We should forgive one another for the healthier happy relationship 🙂

Ok Friends As i already said Ms.Preeti shenoy launched the book in Bangalore- today at 6PM 🙂 if you want to purchase her book you can purchase through online sites like flipkart.com,infibeam etc and also available in your leading book stores:)

PS:Thanks Preeti shenoy for making my blog more beauty by your Tuesday;s Meme promo:)


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