My Blog Stats

hye All 🙂

You know I am Really Happy today that My Visitors(that is you) crossed 1000 🙂 it means From August-2011 more than 1000 Visitors visited my Blog:) it is low compared to other blogs but for me every single visitors is my asset:) I smile myself and will be very happy when i see my visitors:)

I am really happy today because i crossed 1000 visitors today within 8 months :)and i hope within a year will be crossing 2000 visitors :):)

i want to share this moment with that i am going to share my stats page as a snapshot for your Reference:):):)

I want to be more transparent So want to brief you the Visitors from Aug 2011-March 20th 2011-month wise:)

August 2011 – 78 Visitors
Sept 2011 – 101 Visitors
oct 2011 – 93 Visitors
Nov 2011 – 26 Visitors
Dec 2011 – 79 Visitors
Jan 2012 – 230 Visitors
Feb 2012 – 288 Visitors
March 2012 – 116 Visitors (Upto 20th march 1:39Pm indian time)

Last month(Feb) was having more visitors I.e 288 🙂

To be more Frank i wanna share Where my visitors are coming From:):)

and obviously from India more visitors are coming 🙂 and from other country US were higher:) i am really happy to see this stats 🙂

So friends i want to thank you people for giving me support to write this blog and also i wanted you people keep Coming and Support me:)

PS:Hoping more Visits in upcoming Months:)

PPS:only 4months left for my blog to complete planning to celebrate and going to give one surprise to you people(if you are regular and giving comments-Details will reveal soon)

With Love


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