Use Disposable plates and be hygienic

Hi all:-) hope you all doing well and I am hanging here and there 😀

Today I am going to say about Disposable plates and its uses.

Actually I was seeing around some sites regarding Disposable plates and I found one site named bioandchic and this site is fantabulous because they are selling many products that are Eco-Friendly and its elegant packaging for caterers. They sell kray boxes,saga boxes made up of wood ,disposable plates and many more.

The most I like them is ‘Disposable plates’ and it attracted me. So now I want to share generally the uses of disposable plates.

Disposable plates are generally made up of cardboard, paper or purely organic material and are normally intended to use only once 🙂

You might be quietly impressed with various design that are available and your family members, guests might get attracted when you are using this 🙂

There are more benefits in using Disposable plates. Such as lightweight that you can carry everywhere easily; So, while you are going out for holidays with your kith and kin, you can enjoy less weighted comfortable plates.:-)

Also by using Disposable plates you are contributing to Environment. “Go Green” is the slogan we see everywhere. By seeing you, your neighbours will also be motivated to become a friend of nature. Furthermore, if you opt for Disposable plates in Events, cleaning up after the event wont be much trouble at all. You also no need to hire anyone to wash all of the dishes once the event has to come to an end. So, here you can save much money and can use this money on important elements of the event.

Also using Disposable plates has number of advantages like saving our environment, saving water. Moreover we can be disease free while we are eating in chemical free plates.

“So use Disposable plates and be hygienic”

If you are excited to try, I recommend you to just click here and if you like “Grab one and Go Green”

They not only have Disposable plates, they have cute utensils like wooden cutlery, Bamboo utensils etc.

Want to check more about utensils just Click here

And one more I want to say is ‘Surprise me-Gift items’ – They have fantastic collection of gift items which includes Mini dishes, Decoration items and many more to gift your loved ones 🙂

Excited!! Then Click here for more info about gift items

I guess you will support nature and “Go Green” by using these type of products. Why waiting?? Just Go and explore 🙂

After Exploring-Come here and share me your experience with products 🙂

Happy weekend to all and Enjoy Green shopping.

Take care..See you on my next post ;-):-)

PS: This post is my honest opinion among I explored several sites regarding “Go Green” products and I am proud to contribute my words to make people understand about using Bio-Degradable products 🙂


4 thoughts on “Use Disposable plates and be hygienic

  1. sasthri

    Definitely we will do this. when the website itself is encouraging people with gift products, we will surely try this. Because apart from money there is something good and that is green.


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