My Super mom-Blog Marathon Post-1-Shopo Contest

hey πŸ™‚

I guess all are hanging here and there πŸ™‚ hmm..i hope you enjoying your summer vacations..Take a Break and Go Out!! Life is to love at the fullest πŸ™‚

and yay i forgot to say starting from today i am going to post/update continuously (So called Blog Marathon) here for 30 days..Yes..full 30 days πŸ™‚ some-days only pics, some-days interesting topics,even some-days Guest post by my friends and yay you can also write the guest post if you wish too:-) i will be happy if anyone of you write guest post for one day in this 30 days:-)

Ok..Today 1st post of Blog Marathon starts with Mothers day special–My Super mom..yes about my mom sweet mom πŸ™‚ and this is a contest from

Mom My sweet mom “Your arms were always open when i needed a Hug,your heart understood when i needed a friend,your gentle eyes where stern when i needed a lesson,your stength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly”

My Mom is wonderful because she is amazing πŸ™‚ she has inspired me many things in so many ways and she is constantly teaching me new things :-):-) I am really lucky to get my mom πŸ™‚ love yo always

There’s never been a minute i wasn’t glad you were my mom:-) :*:*:*

If there was a day for everything you have given to me as a mother, it would be Mother’s Day every day. Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life… and today it is you! You’re the best! Thanks for all you do.

If I have never said thank you for bringing me into the world I’d like to do that now.

Thank You God for giving me such a loving mother πŸ™‚ for I would not want to be a part of no other πŸ™‚ sweet are really best..the word “Thanks” is not enough to say you..because you are awesome πŸ™‚ Mom

Meri sweet and sister

The above photo recently took in “Lotus Temple-Delhi” with My Mom in Left corner,next is father and in middle my sis husband and in right corner my Sis πŸ™‚ i am not there because i am taking the pics na πŸ˜€

A Special gift that GOD gave Me is My MOTHER

yay:-) Every mom is the Best in this world..they are great:-)

last but not least to my Mom— “I LOVE YOU” and please be with Me Always!:-) Happy Mothers Day to you Mom :*

So guys..tell me you liked the post?? and please comment if you liked this:D thanks πŸ™‚

So My First post of Blog Marathon and Shop Contest of “MY SUPER MOM” is here πŸ™‚ hope you liked it!:D

PS:Thanks to for this contest. your contest make me express to this world about my Mom πŸ™‚ hope you liked it πŸ™‚

PPS:You guys!:-) Need Bloggers or anybody who wish to write blog post here for my Blog Marathon (its from today 12th May 2012 till 10th June 2012)So if you guys interested please leave a comment here or write me to sathu222(at)gmail(dot)com


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