Blog Marathaon-post 5 – Buddha’s Lesson

Hi all..!! 😀 Today I would like to tell you a small message 😀

Once Buddha was travelling with few of his followers.  While they were passing a lake, Buddha said one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from the lake”

The disciples reached the lake where a bullock cart passed through the lake just by. So, the water was not clear. It was very muddy and burbird. The disciple thought “How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink”

So, he came back and told Buddha, “The water is very dirtyy. I don’t think it is fit to drink.

After half an hour Buddha asked for water. This time also the same disciple went and said the same answer.

Later after an hour, Buddha asked the same disciple to bring water. This time the disciple found the mud has setteled down and the water was clean and clear. So he collected some water in the pot and brought it to Buddha. Buddha looked at the discipline and said “See what you did to make the water clean. You let it rest for some time and the mud settled down on its own and you got the clean water.”

Your mind is like that too. When it is disturbed first let it be. Give a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down. It is effortless to loss peace of mind and being disturbed. Take some time and fix it..!!

A post as a small token as love from Vaishnave..!! My best pal 😀


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