Blog Marathon-Post 8-Srirangam

Hey All πŸ™‚

Hope all are fine..Then today is the 8th day of Blog Marathon and i wanna post about my Sweet home town “Srirangam”

“Srirangam” is in Triuchirapalli also known as trichy in Tamilnadu (Southern part of India)

“Srirangam” is also called as Island because it bounded by Kaveri River on one side and the Kollidam on other side

This photo is a Up-View of srirangam from Rockfort templeΒ it cute??? πŸ™‚

“Srirangam” is famous for Sri Ranganathaswamy TempleΒ a major pilgirimage destination for Hindus and the largest temple complex in India πŸ™‚

The Srirangam Temple Complex is composed of 7 concentric walled sections and 21 Gopurams πŸ™‚ The “RajaGopuram” isΒ 236 feet (72 m) tall, the tallest in Asia.

Wow..isnt it good? This is RajaGopuram–the tallest in Asia πŸ™‚

Cute<3..Lord Renganatahar πŸ™‚ you feel about “Srirangam”??Β Isn’t is sweet?? The more you fee when you visit srirengam..please Do visit πŸ™‚

I miss this place very much..Yes..i am Far from this place Now:( Really spent a nice days can find here peace,happiness everywhere πŸ™‚

O.K Guys..Lot to tell about “Srirangam” but now here i am stopping it because you guys visit and feel it πŸ™‚

PS:Hope you liked it..need your views πŸ™‚

PSS: Sources taken fromΒΒ ,Β,_Srirangam



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