Blog Marathon-Post 10-Save Trees

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ok.. straightly coming to 10th post of Blog’s post about “Save Trees”

Trees are important, valuable and necessary for the existence of any living creature on earth. They are essential to life as we know it and are the ground troops on an environmental frontline

Why Do We need to Save Trees ?

First of all we need to think about ourselves. People’s carbon footprint is steadily rising and there is no way to counter this especially with the decline in forest areas in the world. Help us help you to reduce this footprint by planting a life bearing tree.

Every person on average need a tree covered area of 25m X 25m to produce enough oxygen to breath. I know that this is not the only way that oxygen is produced on the planet but would it not be nice to know that you have a direct way to contribute to this need.

Another advantage that the trees will give you is the absorption of pollutants and contaminants out of the air. This means a cleaner environment that will result in a health benefit.

Trees also protect the environment against soil erosion, siltation and flooding. Soil erosion causes us to lose valuable agricultural soil to our dams and the sea. Siltation is when soil ends up in our Rivers and dams. This has an impact on flow rate of the river making it more easy to flood as well as reduce the capacity of the dams. As water moves quicker over terrain devoid of vegetation rivers tend to flood easier and more severely. So planting trees reduces the flow and therefore the thread of flooding.

Score of animals live in trees and the habitat that they provide. A single tree is good, clumps are better and forest is king. I think we all understand this point.

The beauty of trees cannot be debated. Between buildings as well as on their own trees can improve the look of the world around us.

It is important to protect trees for our children.

Ways to Save Trees :

  • Reduce the consumption of products from trees (Eg.Paper)
  • making tours Eco-friendly
  • creating awareness among people
  • Save by planting more tress
  • Recycle,Reduce and Reuse

“Love Nature & Save Trees”

So i am suggesting you guys..please plant trees and “Go Green”

So friends..Make your place Greener Environment 🙂


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PSS: Suggest any topics for upcoming posts of Blog-Marathon 🙂 take care

The Global Forest: Forty Ways Trees Can Save Us

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