Blog Marathon-Post 15-Advertise with

Hey all 🙂

Hope you guys are fine:-)Coming to 15th post of Blog Marathon,I am going to Tell you about and advantages of advertising in


Dinamalar a Leading daily Tamil Morning Newspaper in India (About Dinamalar in Wiki), was launched in 1998 and currently having more than 192 Million Page views per month and have 20.48 Million Visitors per month.To be Apt have 2.05 M unique visitors it mean Every Once in 3 days a user visits our site.Coming to Digital..this is Huge! Yes that too for regional player its really awesome numbers 🙂

To be proud We are ahead of other national dailies too and no one can compare us with regional players and still some players are not well in Digital 🙂

We also have an iPhone/iPad Apps,Android Apps etc and soon we will launch Blackberry Apps too 🙂

Why Advertise with ?

Now in your mind may arise why with where others players are in Market.Yes! will answer your question now:-

  • 43.70% of users are belong to 25-34 Year Category and as you know the marketers mostly target in this category only 🙂
  • 43.6% of our users are Graduate and above Professional Stream and it mean our users are more literate
  • 70.6% of our users are Head of the household and it mean they are the decision maker in their family
  • every 3 Days once our visitors visit the site,it mean our visitors are more loyal

Not only this we are having 58% of NRI users are 42% of Indian users and we can even target NRI users hugely 🙂

We are the only Tamil publication have to have iPad,iPhone & Android OS Platforms

Lot more to say about if you want our Media kit i will send you the mail or we can meet at your place any day.So drop the comment over here and will brief you.

PS: The statistical Data are surveyed by Juxtconsult research and kindly share with your friends who in need

PSS: Looking forward for mutually beneficial relationship


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