Blog Marathon-Post 17-Beat The Heat

Hello my friends 🙂 Namsathe (Hai) to all my readers who reading this 🙂

So coming to our Post 17th..Yes this is our 17th post of Blog Marathon and still 13 post to remain to complete our 30 day target but dont fear after this Blog Marathon also i will update my blog frequently to interact with you people 🙂

Ok coming to todays post i am going to share some ideas to beat the heat..Yes,Summers are in Peak now so you have to take care of yourself 🙂

Here are some ways to beat the heat :-

  • Drink Plenty of Water :-

During summer,Our body loses maximum amount of  water through perspiration.So why its more important to take plenty of water in a day.if you drink normally 8 glass of water in a day make it upto can also drink through Juice and liquid items etc .

  • Bathe at-least two-three times a day :-

Yes,During Summer we need to make fresh always so that wee can work easily.So Bathe atleast two-three times in a day.

  • Eat Light :-
                                      Avoid fried and heavy foods that take long to digest  and it may slow your body cooling process. Substitute a heavy meal with salads made from tomatoes,lettuce,cucumber and spinach.This diet will give you a lot less sluggish and will help you drop pounds over the summer.
  • Limit Sun Exposure :-

As far as possible stay indoors. but if your work requires a step-out,opt for a convenient mode of transport. also make sure to leave early and return at sunset so that you miss the afternoon sun which is most damaging your skin. use sun-screens regularly if in-case you opt-out to go in afternoon.

  • Go to Vacations in Hilly Areas :-

If all else fails, why don’t you take a break and head to any hill station’s and refresh yourself with its breathtaking beauty?

So you readers..Do you have any more ideas to beat the heat?  Please share here 🙂

See you on Next post until then Take care and stay away from sun 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blog Marathon-Post 17-Beat The Heat

  1. T Shyam Sundar

    Hello Satya,
    This is Shyam.Nice and fabulous were your ideas about the heat fight.So many points to beat the heat.Let me add some more stuffs with the one that u already created.
    Do eat some onions:
    Yes,onions are the good weapons to fight the heat.It will help to prevent the chronic inflammation which can lead to thickening of the arteries.As it is contented with quercetin that helps us to reduce the general heat.Just two fresh onions before to move out in heat,would do for your health.
    Oil Bath atleast twice a week:
    Good idea?????How many of us take care of the thermal energy(heat),inside the body.We only observe outside with the hot sun.Atleast,twice a week will help reduce the heat inside the body and keep you fresh and tact throughout the day.
    Shield yourselves from the heat:
    It is an inevitable pursuit especially for Sales and marketing guy,but to expose himself to heat.In that case,shield yourself by wearing a hat or cap that would prevent a direct radiation from the sun.It may sound a simple way,but it really comforts you from scorching heat.
    Eat Cucumber and beat the Sunrays:
    Cucumber is a well known vegetable for cooling purposes.It is a low calorie vegetable that can offer you the stuff of 1 litre of water.It will disdain the harmful elements emitted from UV rays.A slice of it kept in the eyes cools our vision
    Dont drink cool drinks or ice waters:
    Toiled in a sultry heat,we corner ourselves with a soft drinks or while at home,we will gulp atleast 4 glass of water that was frozen in the freezer for hours.Both are dangerous.First,cool drinks as u know well is known for the chemicals that is not good for health.Unless for Slice or Mazza,nothing is advisable for consumption that too for heat.Next thing,drinking ice or cold waters after a dayout immediately,would spoil your throat for no reason.Also the ice cubes that are frozen contains a good amount of heat again which affect your normal health,So,the best idea is to replace them with a drink of Tender Cocunut that will stabilize your temperature and also contains no risk of contamination.

    ****************************************BEAT THE HEAT******************************************


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