Blog marathon – Post 23 – Powerful Gujarat

Hey all 🙂 hope you all doing well.ok let me come to 23rd post of Blog Marathon “Powerful Gujarat”,this is guest post by my good friend Shyam Sundar (click this to check his blog)

Facing acute power shortage, these days????Electricity has become a scarce resource in almost every city. Bihar is the state with least power supply. In TamilNadu, the project undertaken by the Central Government was in standstill and the political issue has just now sorted out in a place called “Kudankulam” and is on the process

But in Gujarat the case is otherwise.They will never have power scarcity. Because they adopt a method, to meet the acute power shortage. And it is neither dependent on water nor on wind.

They generate electricity by means of thermal power(Heat Energy).One can think that its still seasonal and is possible only on peak summers. But this is different.Here the power is extracted from the radiations emerging from water evaporations,where the heat energy is converted into electrical energy. The Gujrat Government has outsourced it to OPG Power Plant and are looking for environmental clearance to undertake such projects.

The Power Plant will assure atleast 500 MW of power that can be generated from this radiation

There are certain advantages that we need to ascertain from this project:

  • It is cost-effective as compared to that from the coal, hydro or wind.It is not only cost effective but also consumer effective.
  • Non Seasonal:-It can be a UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply).Because,Hydro Electric Power is costly.So is the one from Coal. But this is purely economical and non-seasonal.
  •  An alternate way:- It an alternate way obviously.Even if all the other ways fail,it will still be the one that is readily available,as the radiation takes every now and then.
  • Better Employment opportunities: Being an ongoing project,it also offers more employment opportunities to people as there will always be starving demand of Manpower.
  • Longevity:-Like any other resources, even this thermal resources last long.As already quoted it to be unseasonal,it is also a  long lasting resource that is efficacious.

When Gujrat can why can’t we???Not only that,many remarble accomplishments over the standard of  living of  the people,women safety and quality of work-life is achieved by Gujarat Government.That is because inspite of the politics,the govt is running corruption free.That is the only reason why Gujarat is rocking in all its endeavours,inspite of being an Indian state.Tatahstu!!!!!!

So hope you guys thinking about this!! good 🙂 you can leave a comment if you like to give any ideas 🙂

Thanks Shyam for your guest post and i posted your views here 🙂

see you on next post and i hope it will be interesting like this 🙂

take care and have a happy week ahead 🙂



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