Blog Marathon – Post 26 – Food Marathon #FoodSprint

Hallo all..Hope you all are Fine!!

Coming to 26th Post of Blog Marathon..this post is specially for Food lovers who live in New Delhi (India) 🙂 (Previously know an & Select City walk (One of the Famous Shopping Mall in Delhi) Presents a Fun competition called “Food Sprint”  so called Food Marathon on June 17th 2012 in Select city walk (Saket,New delhi) at 4pm to 7pm 🙂

*To participate click the above picture and register yourself:-)

Guides to participate :-

  • Maximum of 10 teams (4 in each team) to be selected among registered members
  • the team will be selected on the subjective basis based on your answers ask in Registration page and interest generated in social media
  • The team will be selected on June 15th(Friday).So Go and get registered soon!!
  • During the event, members of the 10 teams will take part in a series of 6 challenges which will be played in a relay format
  • All teams participating get Cool Foodie tees and Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012 ..yay 🙂
  • The fastest team to complete all tasks wins and will take home these amazing prizes:
    • A goodie bag from Select CITYWALK containing food vouchers and other cool stuff
    • A bag with mugs, shot glasses and more
    • A Perfetti Gift Hamper
  • The contest is open to participants in the Delhi NCR region

Wow!! This is so fun na?? Do you want to be the  Champion of our Food Capital ?? then Go and get yourself register here and fulfill their requirements to ba part of 10 teams 🙂

I am also going to register and hope our team will select 🙂

Happy Eating!!!

PS:One Happy news–I crossed 150+ views yesterday and 2000+ in total 🙂 Today already crossed 100+ and hope to see  more views and comments here.Thanks for your all support 🙂

PPS: Love you 😀


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