One Lovely Blog Award

Hey..How are you all?? Its been more than a week I’m coming here to update..will be coming up with blog Marathon Soon to update here continuously.

Ok..lets come to the Award 😀 My blog got Nominated as “One Lovely Blog Award” From Ms.Soumyav (Click the link to see her lovely blog)

Really thanks Soumya for awarding me this Big one and I’m really happy because this is my 2nd award and also really nice award.

You people must see her lovely blog because you can see their lot of stuffs and she update daily and you know she is going to launch her new Book soon..ya 🙂 All the best soumya.

Ok..As for the award i need to mention about myself here and also pass this award to whoever i love the most.

About me :-

  • I Love reading novels mostly romantic 😀
  • I am foodaholics..I can eat anything except Non-veg
  • I love to explore new things on internet
  • I am currently working in online media in India
  • I never smoked/Boozed and also i advice people not to do!
  • I keep my face always smiling 🙂
  • I wanna achieve something “BIG” in my life

Enough..enough.. 😀

Ok..let’s do most difficult task now..nominating the awards 😀

  1. Boomie                    (Nominating this blog for her work and shout for nigeria)
  2. Shyam                      (Nominating this blog for his knowledgable posts in every post)
  3. Rorosy                     (Nominating this blog for interesting posts )
  4. Onlinefunland       (Nominating this blog for his/her smiling posts)
  5. Sheevi                      (Nominating this blog for her sweet posts)
  6. Aspergergirl          (Nominating this blog for her continuous posts since she started her blog..i must say wow)

I may forgot to include some blogs but not to worry..will include in coming awards 😀

Thanks all for stopping by and reading this posts and for your kind support

PS: See you on next post till then Take care..See you soon!


23 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Aspergers Girls

    Congratulations. I love food, too. I have no food aversions…beyond meat….I don’t eat meat. You are very kind to include me in your nominations. Thank you for the ‘wow.’ Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. love, Sam 🙂


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