Internet Malware Blackout Monday-09.07.12


Hope you all doing well 😀 and I am really sorry for not updating My blog..been little busy but some of you know that I was commenting,liking your posts 🙂

Thank You Boomie for missing my post and DM’ed me in twitter 🙂

So coming to this Post..tomorrow is Internet blackout For some computers..I mean thousands of computers Might not Access to internet from Monday!!!

Several years ago, the FBI took down a group of hackers spreading malware. It changes a computer’s settings to re-direct web traffic to spammy sites. Hackers made money when people clicked the links.

Since then, the FBI has had a temporary fix in place to keep traffic away from the bad servers, but that ends July 9th!

So If you want to check your Computer is Safe or not..Please check here and If you get “Green” Color picture then you are safe and unfortunately you got “Red” then you are affected..But Don’t Worry!! you can fix it but its little long process..check this

So check soon and I hope you all get “Green”

Good Luck and Be safe! 🙂

PS:See you on Next Post :D..will update regularly from now 🙂

PSS: If you are free Just visit Naima’s Blog and really you feel Nice!!


8 thoughts on “Internet Malware Blackout Monday-09.07.12

  1. globalunison

    Hey ya Sathya, thank you very much for such a promotional POST, I am literally blushing!!! :p 😉
    I am over-whelmed with your sincerity to my blog, I am highly obliged to have a friend like you. If you are on facebook, contact me there. We can talk in detail.
    Thank you once again.
    Much Love,


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