Hello Namasthe!

Today 26th August is my 1st Blog Anniversary..Yes I am really Happy..Since one year I am Blogging and this is also my first Blog.

Maybe I Didn’t earn Much Visits in Stats but I earned really Lot of Good Friends here and lot of experience 🙂

I must Say thanks to Boomie (www.boomiebol.wordpress.com), Naima (www.globalunison.wordpress.com) , Soumya (www.soumyav.wordpress.com), Rajuda (www.myteega.com) for supporting me always 🙂

Thanks a lot to all 🙂 & Please wish my blog to live long time 😀

See you real soon..Take care 🙂

PS: Kindly Participate in my Blog-Anniversary Celebrations. For details visit here http://t.co/KZqvOyi

Love you all 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary

  1. Rajuda

    You are right. It isn’t the number that matters, but the thoughts behind that number. And there is no dearth of thoughts where you are always present, Sathya. Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes.

  2. globalunison

    Hey Sathya,
    Congratulations and a very happy first anniversary to your blog! I am sure it will prosper with your sincerity towards blogging and your passion for writing and interacting! Thank you so much for your support as well – I am glad to have earned a great friend as you through blogging! Have a great life ahead!!
    With love and blessings,


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