Namasthe to all!

What you think when you heard of Yo!POTATO ? is it something we eat daily or you thinking me i had Potato now and going to share about that ? šŸ˜€

But this is something interesting i found few days before!

Yo!POTATO is a online food home Delivery services in Chennai (Tamilnadu ,India)!

I know you may think in your mind that whats speical about this when lot of players in market..but this is awesome one! yes trust me you can order Any Food from any restaurant at one time! Lets say you want to eat Dosa from saravana Bhavan and your friend want to try Biryani from Anjappar but you feel lazy to go out! So Yo!POTATO offers you can order with them from any kind of food and Any restaurant in town! Excited ? I was Excited same like you when i heard this before!


What’s More special in this ?

1. You can earn “Free Orders” when you refer them to your friends/family or to anyone

2.Just Call 45541111 and try them!

Excited to see their site ? just click this link and enjoy!

So Chennaities try them and review it here šŸ™‚

PS:For more you can see their Blog or their FB or follow them on Twitter too!

Enjoy your weekend!


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