Experience at V Spot Cafe Bar

Hello All!

Hope you all doing well!

Thanks to Blogadda for selecting me one of the few bloggers to Visit and review the wonderful experience at V Spot Cafe 🙂


Voucher gave by Blogadda (Rs.1000*2)

Actually i was in Chennai when they told me that i got selected for this and booked the ticket to Delhi for this specially to experience it 🙂


So i went their and first thing i like was ambiance..really awesome i say and the service was superb.


Delicious..right ?


Awesome na ? Yes really ..I really love this place and wish i would have been went with my loved one!

Now it become one of my favorite spot and i suggested/suggesting my friends/everyone to visit and feel the experience.

v spot 1

How cute ? i really loved this napkin and i wondered how nice creativity.

lot more to say but i am stopping here because you must feel the experience and comment it here if you liked.

Have a great weekend and upcoming 2013 🙂

This review has been written as a part of Blogadda’s Sponsered Reviews


PS:Bloggers you want to review like this or be with part of Bloggers zone..Join Blogadda and experience it!


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