OFF Mode-Android App Review

Is your Smart Phone Disturbing you from Driving?

Is your Smart Phone Distracting you from work/meeting etc.,?

If you answered “YES” to any one of the above Questions then you definitely in need of “OFF Mode Application” (Currently its available only on Android)


OFF MODE is an app for Android that blocks notifications from appearing on your mobile phone screen, allowing you to unplug, promoting safer driving and better phone etiquette with fewer distractions.

offmodeIt’s one of the best APP that Promote Safety and Social Phone Etiquette

How To Use this App :-

  • Click here to Install OFF MODE APP
  • Once You install you can see the choices like “I’m Driving”, “In a Meeting Etc..You can also customize it as per your choice
  • Once you click that it prompt to start this so that while you’re busy it automatically reject and respond the calls and message with the Automated Text messages letting that person know you’re busy.With OFF Mode, business meetings are more effective, social outings are more personal, and driving becomes a safer experience. If you don’t know texts or calls are coming through, you can keep your eyes on the road (or the boardroom). Where they belong.
  • You can also enable timer to how long to be on OFF MODE,during a Movie,schedule meeting etc.,
  • Once you finish the work you can deactivate it and later it shows the list of calls,messages so that you cant miss anything.

Is that amazing? Yes it is…you can enjoy more once you install the APP


Features of the OFF MODE APP :-

  • Automated Response with Custom Message
  • Blocks The Incoming Call
  • Allow Incoming Call from Favorite Contacts
  •  It not only blocks notifications but keeps a record of the fact that no outgoing activity has taken place.
  • Other features include Facebook login integration, and username inclusion in the automatic text message responses. OFF MODE was released in May 2013 and is available as a free download for Android devices.

and Lots more..

So Why Waiting? Just Install the OFF MODE OFF and Stay Connected While You’re Busy!

To Download the OFF MODE App Click here

For more Information Visit their Site here

Like them on Facebook too

“Don’t Get Addicted on Smart Phone,Their are lot of things outside to Learn..Enjoy it using OFF MODE App”


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