Meri Dilli-Suggestions To My Delhi Manifesto

In My Previous Post We Talked about Delhi and My Delhi Manifesto.

Now I want to suggest about the issues we discussed in my last Post.

1.Voluntarily Every citizen must plant more number of trees

Yes..We our self should start planting more number of tress in our surroundings..Government should provide saplings..It helps giving more Pure oxygen and green Environment.

2Women should get right protection and Gender Equality for which Government should take severe action against Eve-teasing,hooliganism,Ragging etc

Government actively hear the women grievances and act it accordingly..they should keep active 24X7 support women helpline numbers.

3. Delhi Government should start recycling the waste into useful such as Bio-gas etc.

As I said we should start recycling of wastes and produce like Bio-Gas , Paper Bags etc..We Citizen should actively use products such as Paper bag etc should make Environment Greener.

4. Voting should be made mandatory to every citizen who are eligible to vote also provision for voting from other cities should be enable.

Election Commission should make mandatory Voting to the people who are eligible to vote also providing various facilities to people who are unable to vote but willing to vote.

5. Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility for Every Citizen and government should take sever action who are against this.

 lt Says “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” (Cleanliness is the cornerstone of discipline and a trademark of success) so we citizen should make surrounding clean and let’s make “Cleanest City”

6. Government should take strict action against non-tax payers.

Tax is More Important that all citizens pay their due taxes honestly and punctually.Paying Tax is responsibility to every citizen in the country and government should take strict action against non-tax payers.

Common..Lets We make Delhi Greener , Better and Friendlier City!

”Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar, bas ishq mohabbat pyaar”

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Hope you liked my Suggestions..Share yours!

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