Unshaven is Unbathed!

Hello All 🙂

My this post is different from my other posts because here I am going to share my personal opinion about how looks matter in our day today life.From looks here I mean that clean stubble look or unclean stubble look.Yes looks really play an important role in forming first impressions (which are also last impressions.

Well,I never had any such opinion before I went to my friend’s engagement party.Like always I went in my clean shaven look which I always liked.But my friend did a mistake..In order to show off he went with unclean stubble and he thought its COOL..but when we reached there everyone got confused like who is groom or who is not.With his unclean shaven look ,few of the people over there thought of him as groom’s one of the friend .And everyone was looking so impressed with my clean stubble.I was happy with the appreciation by many of my friends there.And when we returned back from the function,we all made fun of our friend.We laughed a lot and then we all realized that clean shaven look always works:)

This was my humorous incident of my life and which we never forget to talk about whenever we all friends sit together.And I pay more attention to my clean shaven look now because looks is not only about good attire ,its also about how u present yourself completely on every occasion.

I would like to tag my friend Vandana Choudhary in this post.

Millions of women across the country are joining the Protest Against Unclean Stubble-Whats Your’s?

Women rated the clean-shaven men more highly than those with beards saying facial hair made them look older or more aggressive.

If you liked my post kindly comment your views here.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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