How Did I Begin My New Life…

As We all Know starting life over is something we must do every second,because life is once we must live our life to the fullest. When I think about Starting a New life it reminds me of Jean-Paul Sartre Quote.

“To Know What Life is Worth you Have to Risk It Once In a While”

Today I am going to share about How i changed my life taking bold and bigger step in my own life.

It was in the year 2008 I was doing my final year of graduation at my hometown Trichy and was planning to study MBA in a Good business school but decided not to study in hometown because i wanted to explore new opportunities as its my life and i wanted to live the fullest so i was preparing for Entrance Exams like CAT/XAT to join good college.It was so difficult to manage both as it was my final year of graduation too.Even some of my friends said to study in same college where i did my graduation but i was stick to my point that will definitely go to different city and study.

I wrote entrance exams like CAT/XAT/MAT etc to apply in good colleges and atlast i got the opportunity to study in good Business school in Delhi but again going to Delhi from my hometown was a big task as my parents didn’t allow me first as it was so far from my hometown and they were worried about add more even my lecturers asked me to study at same college where i did graduation but i was so adamant to explore new opportunities and places because all i want is “Change In my Life” and i thought that is the best time to “Start My New Life”.it was like Now or Never!

After long discussions with my parents they agreed me to go and join in that college and i was happy like anything but inside was worried too as its totally new place,different languages,different people but still i took a bold step to “Start My New Life”.

Life In Delhi taught me many things as it was my first time i stayed alone with whole lot of new people and new things and it was totally different me and i must say i enjoyed it much because i’m here to explore new things and opportunities in life.The problem at starting i faced was Paying Guest accommodation and language but my fellow friends helped me many ways to learn Hindi and later I moved out to a 1 BHK room* along with four of my friends

Later I finished my MBA and worked in Delhi itself and It was more interesting because entering at corporate life that too a Capital city like Delhi is really Awesome.Totally for 3 1/2 years I stayed in Delhi and i must stay it’s a turning point of my life as i learned many things and it was the biggest step in my life.Now i live happily in other city and still learning new things as i said earlier Life is once Live to the fullest.

*I wish I had known or seen at that moment for better options while we were searching a house.

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