Together For a Better Journey

As we all know together can make anything than Individual because “Together” can learn manythings and achieve in life. When I think about together it reminds me of Hellen Keller Quotes

Alone we can do so little: together We can do so much

housing-togetherToday I am going to share about my memorable day and how it changed my life to the better journey.

It was in the year 2011 my Management course was about to end and we friends were worried about placements as it was the most crucial time in our life because we must get placed in a good company at-least with good pay. Many companies were hiring for Marketing and it was mostly for pure hard core sales like Demat Account opening , Insurance selling etc but still we were looking out for the better opportunity to start our corporate journey in a better position.

Day’s passed away and we were in the final days of placement and some of our friends got hired in FMCG companies and some in Insurance companies etc and and we were left with a few options to select from. Me and two of my close friends decided to appear for off-campus and direct interviews instead of relying on placements only.First we decided to search the market and what Job is currently trending and after many research we found Marketing research and Online Marketing is at peak but they require experience to proceed further.

Even though we took a challenge and applied for companies who require freshers and at-least 1 year experience and yes it’s really worked because some companies looked out for fresh talent from B-schools and yea we are fit in that.We started appearing for Interviews and we saw some confident in us because both field has huge opportunities to choose.

Finally one of my close friend got placed in Market research company and we two only left with but later appearing in other Online Media companies we both got selected as Online Marketing Manager in two different companies.The day when i got placed was my most memorable day in my life because we placed in our desired field and also a promising career.

We were so excited about the career and we felt “Together For a Better Journey” because We fought so hard to get the better journey. My Parents are so excited and they blessed us for future career and even we went to our hometown and got blessing from our parents and elders to start this exciting journey as we said it is “Together for a Better Journey”

it make me reminds me of Favorite quote by James Cash Penney

Growth is never by mere chance ; It is the result of forces working together

and yes i felt that it’s a forces of working “Together” because together can change a life.


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One thought on “Together For a Better Journey

  1. Rajuda

    Your post evoked memories of the days of anxiety I too underwent before landing the first job. And when someone is around sharing such moments, you naturally feel more optimistic, strong, and confident. Well written piece, Sathya. Cheers.


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