Best Accessories That fit with Sony Mobiles

In this modern world we look up for something more in everything right from our career to shopping online. We look for best Accessories for our mobiles because it provide the comfort and convenience you need. To avoid situations where your phone runs out of battery when it’s midday, you should always be ready and keep a standard charger in your office to ensure your phone is ready to use at all times. If you do not wish to carry around a charger, then get yourself with an extra battery and enjoy long-lasting power and reliability. It’s always good to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Below are some of the Accessories that go best with Sony Mobiles.

1. SmartBand Wrist Strap (Active Large)​ :-

Customize your SmartBand to suit your personal style and taste with comfortable silicon straps. There’s a color for every day and for whatever you wear. Changing the wrist band is as easy as using.

Product Features:-

  • Comfortable silicon straps
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Customhouse SmartBand to suit personal style and taste.

This Product currently priced at around Rs.990/

2. Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH50 :-

A headset for people who want the best sound and smart wireless freedom Authentic audio Your music will sound as good as you want with these Bluetooth stereo headphones. The bass is deep and the treble is clean and clear. Music the way it was made. Even the person you are calling will experience superior sound. The integrated microphone technology is designed to pick up the broadest range of frequencies in human speech and its compatible for Xperia Z1 , Xperia Z and Ultra Phones.

Product Features:-

  • Bluetooth 3.0*
  • NFC
  • Multipoint Connectivity
  • FM Radio with RDS

This Product currently priced at around Rs.5, 290/-

3. Xperia Z2 Magnetic Charging Dock:-

An innovative magnetic connector enables you to easily place your phone snugly in the dock. The magnet steers the phone charging connector to the dock charging connector and makes the connection.

Product Features:-

  • Innovative magnetic connector
  • Interchangeable inserts in the kit.
  • Stands at a comfortable viewing angle while charging.
  • FM Radio with RDS

This Product currently priced at around Rs.2, 990/-

4. USB Portable Charger:-

Sony Portable Charger Black) Power up your smartphone anywhere, anytime with Sony’s entry capacity models of its USB Portable Charger range with a battery capacity of 3,800 mAh.

Product Features:-

  • Slim plastic body charger for charging smartphones on the go.
  • Battery Capacity of 3,800 mAh
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Compatible with other devices including Xperia , Cyber Shot and Walkman players

This Product currently priced at around Rs.1,990/-

The above are some of the Accessories for your Sony Mobiles it will fit with your style.

See you on next post!


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