#UrbanChenai Bloggers Meet – Loads of Fun & More..

Team echoVME organized it’s first Blogger Meet at Hotel Beverly Kilpauk and the event was sponsored by UrbanTree Which Build Luxury Houses at Affordable Cost. It was an prior registration event and the official hashtag for the event was #UrbanChennai

There were around 100+ bloggers from Chennai gathered for this event with lot of excitement.We were segregated into 4 teams after the initial introduction. We were divided into Team Oxygen, Team Wow, Team Infinity and Team Popular to commemorate their our upcoming projects.

Me and Sarath babu took a selfie prior to the event and surprisingly we both from Team WOW

me and sarathThe Event Started with Introduction round were we got to know more about Bloggers and their work.It was really interesting to see bloggers from various genres

Mr.Sorav Jain Thinker-in-Chief, echoVME gave us Welcome Speech

sourav jainWe then started with Stand Up Comedy by Shyam Renganathan from Team Enna Da Rascalas It was super awesome

shyam ranganathanThen We started with Tambola which I played Tambola for the first time and Yes I won Pen drive and GV’s for finishing the 2nd row! and yes other bloggers won for finishing 1st , 3rd and Full round. It was super fun and awesome.

#UrbanChennai Sponsor Urban Tree CEO Mr.Abhishek Mehta gave us a speech which was so inspiring.

abhishek mehta

He Quoted “If there is nothing to hide nothing to fear” when he is saying about Urban Tree Advantages and I must say the quote he mentioned was so true.

Then He was talking about Urban Tree Upcoming Projects and Advantages such as none of his projects had been delayed by more than 4 months and they believes in “We Pay If We Delay” also He believes in quality and uses paint that has less LEAD which means people who dwell in his construction are least affected by the side affects the LEAD in Paint and other materials cause.

When he spoke about Oxygen property which would have 1Lakh Sapling which no other property would have and all were applauded for the same.

Overall Urban Tree Home Builds a Luxury House at Affordable cost by the Advantages below

  • Regular Customer Meet
  • Green Homes for Healthier living (Yes they Got IGBC Certification)
  • Quality Uncompromised
  • 100% Transperency

It was an Awesome speech by him and we got to know lot more about Urban Tree.

Then we continued with Fun Activities,Now with AdZap

Team Superb

team 1

Team Infinity

team 2

Team Oxygen

team 3

and here comes our “Team Wow”

team wow

Team Oxygen Announced as winner and our team just missed by 1 Points but it was super awesome and we learned more about Urban Tree Projects too.

Now it’s time for Blogger Awards,It was classified into two – Best Blogger ad Best Blogs.

Ganga Bharani had won Best #UrbanChennai Blogger

blog award2

Praveen Kumar and Pradeep won the #UrbanChennai Blog Award



Shrinidhi Won #UrbanChennai Best Blogger Award


Aaand I and Sarath Babu won the #UrbanChennai Most Active tweeters prize.


Finally #Groupfie Time

groupie 2

We were also served with Hot Samosas , Kathi Rolls , Gajar ka Halwa and Filter Kaapi.

It was an Awesome event and Team echoVME promised us much more event coming up and thanks a ton to Team echoVME and Urban Chennai for organizing this Blogger meet and making it success.


4 thoughts on “#UrbanChenai Bloggers Meet – Loads of Fun & More..

  1. Abhinay Mehta

    Dear Sathya Narayanan,

    Many thanks for attending #UrbanChennai Blogger’s Meet and Awards. Thanks for writing about it.

    Best Wishes,
    Urban Tree Infrastructures

  2. Team echoVME

    Dear Sathya Narayanan,
    Thank you for making time to attend the #UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet & Awards. We wish you good luck for all your endeavours!

    Warm Regards,
    Team echoVME


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