Twitter Outreach Campaign – Next Gen for social Media

As technology is growing fast and several brands like to advertise on Social media includes Twitter , Facebook etc and they want to do influencer campaign to reach the mass but the problem is are they having a right tool to track and see the ROI for the campaign. Yes We have Blogmint’s Twitter Outreach Program.

Blogmint is India’s 1st automated platform that connects brands and bloggers. Blogmint helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. Blogmint offers transparent pricing and real time campaign analytics for every piece of content.

Blogmint Twitter Outreach campaign for Influencers :-

Twitter Outreach campaign is a great initiative by BlogMint and they are the first company to start social media monetization with real time tracking features.If you have a twitter handle and participate in Twitter outreach campaign and get paid for every tweet.The payout per tweet depends on the number of followers you have, quality of followers you have, Niche, engagements and the total reach. So by combining all these BlogMint provide you a social Bug score and higher the score, higher will be the payout.


How it work’s :-

  • Register with Blogmint using social media profile or with your blog
  • Add social media channels and blog and set the price
  • Wait for the Blogmint notification to join the campaign
  • Apply it and after Blogmint Accept your application wait for further guidelines
  • Schedule the Tweets by clicking Add tweet and check for stats once you the tweet went live
  • That’s it now you get Paid for it!

Overall I have experienced 4 campaigns of this program and amazed with the Tool because yes it tracks real time and it also add you the no of retweets,favorite and engagement.

Have you participated in any BlogMint Twitter campaign? Do share your experience with us.



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