Yazing.com – Get Paid Everytime when you recommend to buy Online!

Recently was going through Yazing.com and love to review about this to my wonderful readers!

What is Yazing ?

Yazing is a unique platform which gives you coupon codes+commissions when you or your referrals shop online via Yazing.com. Currently they are tied up with 50+ brands like Hotels.com , Brookstone , Expedia and Many more.


How it works ?

  • Signup with Yazing.com and login your account
  • check out the list of available brands to see exciting deals and coupon code for yourself or to recommend.
  • Pick the brands and share the link to your friends,followers or anywhere (like below)


  • Earn commission when either you buy or when people buy through your link and purchase.
  • Since you or your friend purchased via Yazing,it will automatically track the purchase and if you login your account you can see detailed summary of your earning.

For detailed information you can watch a demo here

Currently Yazing is planning to bring thousands of brands in near future to make it bigger and you can find the list of brands which are currently partnered with Yazing.

Here’s a Quick video below for you to understand more about Yazing

I recommend Yazing to my readers because it is a unique site where you get paid for your purchase or people you influence.

So why wait..Signup now and Get paid when you shop or influence to buy online via Yazing.


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