#OwnTheFlexBall with Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Gillette recently introduced the latest innovation and it is armed with new FlexBall technology and i must say “Shaving rebuilt”.


I am glad to have hands on experience of this product and i must say my it made my life easy with smooth and comfortable shave with awesome features.

The FlexBall technology responds to the contours of the face for maximum contact. This means it gets virtually every hair and you get a close, hassle free shave. Even if you have sensitive skin, this razor would work wonders for you. Now no more cuts and wounds when you are running late to work or attending a party.


The FlexBall technology has been successfully incorporated in Gillette Fusion ProGlide to revamp the way you shave.It is a 4 way flex technology that responds to contours for maximum contact and gets virtually every hair, plus the added power of a Micro-pulsing handle for comfort and glide.


Key Features :-

  • New FlexBall Handle technology
  • 5 reengineered blades for less tug and pull
  • All Fusion razor blades fit all Fusion handles
  • Improved precision trimmer for accurate edging.
  • Great Fusion of design and utility
  • Gillette’s No. 1 razor for sensitive skin
  • Redesigned handle

FlexBall acts just like the axle of a car that helps rotate the wheel during driving.


My Experience :-

I have stubble look and i have tried this and i really felt so much difference than normal Guard blades and it’s really ease of use as it has FlexBall technology so it gave smooth experience.

Now It’s time to #OwntheFlexball & let’s make your shaving experience smoother!


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