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Infinity Honey – Perfect Gift for your loved ones.

Honey is a sweet food made by bees foraging nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees is the one most commonly referred to, as it is the type of honey collected by most beekeepers and consumed by people.

Honey is one of the legendary sweeteners of all time. Some have even referred to the golden tasty treat as being “the nectar of the Gods!”

Infinity Honey is  a small, and growing, collective of hometown beekeepers focused on providing flavorful all natural honey to their customers. That means using time-honored methods instead of relying on the heavy usage of chemicals and pesticides.


School kids in India thank Infinity Honey for helping save bees and trees!

Tony Persaud and Chris Menezes, of Infinity Honey, believe that “nectar” can be brought to people in an all-natural way for a better product!

Flavor of Infinity Honey & Made in the USA :-

“The taste of Infinity Honey – all flavors – is as pure as possible due to the lack of chemicals and pesticides,” Tony Persaud said. “This shows up in every serving, every bottle, of Infinity Honey.”

Persaud and Menezes also think that Infinity Honey is perfect for more than just culinary uses. These include facial scrubs, soaps, and more.

Today; Infinity Honey is a growing collective of honey producers that focus on natural, chemical free, Made in the USA honey production.


Giving Back :-

Infinity Honey helps with safe bee swarm removals while working with local EMS units. They also donate a portion of their sales to help education in their birthplaces including a school in India. Infinity Honey is also involved in local NY and PA charities and community events.

Moreover Infinity Honey is all Natural that’s their secret Mantra – Saving One Bee at a Time.

Buy Infinity Honey which available online now starting from $9.95.A Perfect Gift to your loved ones!



15 Heart-Healthy Foods to Work into Your Diet

A healthy diet can be good for your heart which we can definitely reduce risk of developing Heart Diseases.

To Keep your Heart Care you need to replace the bad—trans and saturated fats, added sugars and salt—with the good—fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. If you’re looking for extra heart-health credit, there are certain foods that are especially good for your ticker.

That’s Important because Heart is the diseases leading cause of Heart Failure and doctors may suggest to do Cardiac Surgery etc.,

So add these 15 heart-healthy foods to your grocery list:

1. Avocados :  Instead of using a whopping dollop of mayonnaise on your sandwich, try using thin slices of avocado.

2. Whole Grains : The soluble fiber found in whole grains such as whole-wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal binds the cholesterol in your meal and drags it out of your body, Madden says. “And, when your body needs to utilize cholesterol in the future, it draws on your blood cholesterol supply, effectively lowering your total blood cholesterol level and your risk for heart disease.”

3. Olive Oil :- A 2011 study found that people ages 65 or older who regularly used olive oil (for both cooking and as a dressing) were 41 percent less likely to have a stroke compared to those who never use olive oil in their diet. Use a little olive oil instead of butter or drizzle some over pasta, salad, or veggies to take advantage of its high mono- and polyunsaturated fats, Madden says. “And although it’s a healthier option, remember to use these oils sparingly, as all fats still contain the same number of calories.”

4. Kidney or black beans: One cup of cooked beans can replace two ounces of fish, poultry or meat for a serving of protein, according to the AHA. Stir some beans into a soup or salad to boost your intake. Beans contain heart-healthy omega-3s and folate.

5. Cauliflower: You can eat fresh cauliflower raw as a snack or in salads or you can steam or roast it. You can even mash it, instead of potatoes. Just stay away from the cheese sauce, or you’ll lessen those heart-healthy benefits.

6. Red bell peppers: Add bell peppers to your salads, sandwiches and fish. You’ll get a dose of folate, potassium and fiber.

7. Soy milk: It’s loaded with heart-healthy nutrients like niacin, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Add this low-fat beverage to your whole-grain cereal or oatmeal or blend it in your smoothie.

8. Brussels sprouts: Sure, not everyone likes them, but they’re members of that powerful fiber-rich cruciferous vegetable family, so give them another try. They contain folate, potassium, magnesium and more. Mix thin sprout slices into a salad. For a crunchier texture, pan fry them or roast, tossed with red grape halves, olive oil and sea salt.

9. Salmon : Fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, tuna, and salmon are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, Madden says. “Eating fish twice a week can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by decreasing inflammation and lowering triglyceride levels, and it may even help boost your HDL levels.”

10. Pomegranate : It Contains phytochemicals that act as antioxidants to protect the lining of the arteries from damage, explains Dr. Gregg Schneider, a nutritionally oriented dentist and expert on alternative medicine. A 2005 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice stimulated the body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps keep blood flowing and arteries open.

11. Turmeric : “The spice turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory,” Dr. Schneider says. “It contains curcumin which lowers inflammation—a major cause of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries.” A 2009 study found that curcumin helps reduce the fatty deposits in arteries by as much as 26 percent.

12. Orange Juice : drinking two daily cups of 100-percent orange juice can help reduce diastolic (resting) blood pressure. OJ contains an antioxidant that has been found to help improve blood vessel function.

13. Cinnamon : Just one teaspoon a day of antioxidant-rich cinnamon can help reduce fats in the bloodstream, helping to prevent plaque build up in the arteries and lower bad cholesterol levels by as much as 26 percent.

14. Cranberries : potassium-rich cranberries can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and help raise the good HDL levels in your body, and regular consumption of the holiday favorite may help reduce your overall risk of heart disease by as much as 40 percent.

15. Coffee : According to researchers in The Netherlands, people who drank more than two, but no more than four, cups of coffee a day for 13 years had about a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease than people who drank more or less coffee or no coffee at all. Moderation is the key to coffee’s heart-health benefits—the caffeine is a stimulant which can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure, and in excess, can lead to irregular heart beat.

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Hectic Knife Trailer – Troma Entertainment

Hectic Knife is the best Troma pick up since Cannibal: The Musical! directed by Greg DeLiso.


Plot :- A crazy, knife-weilding vigilante must save the world from an evil villain naked Piggly Doctor.

Are you excited to see the Trailer now. See it here.

Starring – Peter Litvin, JJ Brine, Georgia Kate Haege, Traci Ann Wolfe, John Munnelly and Michael Hitchcock

Written by – Greg DeLiso & Peter Litvin

Produced by – Peter Litvin

I totally loved watching this trailer and can’t wait to watch this movie. Please visit Hectic Knife for more updates.

List of Individuals / Caterers who deliver Food in Chennai

From long i wanted to compile the list of Individuals and caterers to deliver food at Home/office in Chennai which may useful mainly for bachelors who missing home food.


Please find the below list (it’s not in order but trying to keep it easier as much as i can)

  1. Lunchpi – https://www.facebook.com/LunchPI/
  2. Enkay’s – Gayathri Nandakumar – 7299023000
  3. Sunil Kumar – 9884445318
  4. Raj Thamizhan – 9791102218
  5. Sophia – 9840015917
  6. Royal Caterers – 9840092855 – https://www.facebook.com/Royal-Caterers-Healthy-Hygienic-Home-Made-Food-178500039181392
  7. Atithi Khana – 9566248148 – https://www.facebook.com/Atithikhana/
  8. Lavi Home Foods – Madhu – 9600027832
  9. Anna Baba Catering – Shiva – 9445819019
  10. Roselin – 9884461800
  11. Shrikala Gopi – 9884476255
  12. Aadhira Catering – 8870518797 – https://www.facebook.com/aadhiracatering/
  13. Ragu – 9962062033
  14. Khana Lajawaab – 9381044219 (Whatsapp) – https://www.facebook.com/KLChennai/
  15. Kamala – 9840082255
  16. VAS Catering – 9789006373 & 9176901007
  17. Vaishno Thali – 9840094099 – https://www.facebook.com/vaishno.thali/
  18. Svadishta – 9962884623 & 9176315120
  19. Divine N Takeaway – 9487750669
  20. Vignesh – 8939291199 & 9600043267
  21. Lunchbox – 7601976076 – http://www.lunchboxmc.com/
  22. Shyamala Gopalakrishnan – 9843052378 – http://www.fromahome.com/
  23. Asha Home Food – 9843052378
  24. Deepak Malhotra – 9962638514 (For Phulkas)
  25. Royal Madrasi – 044-30853820
  26. Fill belly – 044-33011581
  27. Gharwaalatiffin – 09025492780
  28. Lakshmi – 9176057046 (Near Saligramam)
  29. Jeritta – 9941140188

Will continue adding in this blog post whenever i get the details. Also you can comment here if i missed out any.

Hope this will be useful for you.

Source :- Facebook Group Where Chennai Eats & Chennai Food Guide

CaseNation – One Stop Destination for Cases

Hope you all are doing good! Recently I have attended Bloggers/influencers meet at Coffee Tales and look who hosted..It’s CaseNation which is Chennai based Online store specially for Cases! Yes and they have some cool collections to check out for.




The Winner Case from CaseNation

I really liked their Cases which is Super cool. They do have Wireless Charger , Power bank which is amazing.


Hipster Style Case from CaseNation

Do you want to Try these before buying? Don’t Worry CaseNation have few outlets which has CaseNation Products which includes Coffee Tales Shenoy Nagar, Makoba Pen store etc.,

CaseNation unlike other companies who just import products,label and sell it.They Invested heavily on their factory which is at Sriperamadur where mould and back-cases are manufactured.

I really loved their Wooden cases with the personalisation at the bottom.


Wooden Cases at CaseNation

Adding to this To avoid cutting trees they are manufacturing the wooden cases from the scrap wood.

I have recently ordered wireless charger for my iPhone 5S and excited to get it.Will add review shortly.

At the end we all had Good food to at Coffee Tales.


French Fries


Loved reading the Post ? Do Visit CaseNation and take a look out the products which will never disappoint you.

Image Source (Wooden case) :- Sarath Babu’s Blog