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Becoming your own boss sounds like it’s too good to be true sometimes. That’s something that only happens in movies to people who don’t have any of the responsibilities that a real-life person has, or to people who were born with a lot of money. They have a nice cushion to fall back on, just in case things don’t work out. That’s not actually the case.

According to a report done by The Freelancers Union, there are 53 million individuals working as freelancers within the United States of America alone. For a little bit of perspective, that accounts for over a third of the total workforce.

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Blog Anniversary Celebrations-PVR Cinemas Gift Cards to be Won!

Hello All!

I am really happy to say that My Blog is turning 01 year this 26th August 2012!

I am really thankful to all you people who supporting me always..Thanks Much 🙂

So for this Anniversary Celebrations We and India Gets everything Free are going to Give Four PVR Gift Cards (Worth Rs.300 Each).

Are You Excited?? Read on for How to Get!

Wanna Grab This!

So want to know how to Grab this ?


  1. Participate Directly here and Follow the Steps https://www.facebook.com/indiagetseverythingfree/app_152045414852131
  2. One Question : Imagine you are getting Weekly Magazine which contains best online shopping deals,foodie events,Job alerts,important news regarding political & Business for Free..Will you use it or Just throw it away? Comment Briefly here!- (Optional)
  3. Share this contest to your Friends,Relatives everyone! 

Maybe you are all thinking about what’s the Link between Rurlink Blog and Shoppers Guide FB Page! Both are started by same person and have some plans to launch Shoppers Guide site wherein users get the best online deals/suggestions for free 🙂 currently we are doing in FB Page to attract more users and by this year end if we get good result will be moving out to next stage!

So this Contest will live upto 8th Sep 2012 and Winners will be announced on or before 12th Sep 2012!

I guess you have ample of time to participate.so please share this contest to your friends,So you may have chance of winning is higher!

I am hosting  Contest for First time so please rectify if any mistake during this period and love to make changes in next time!

Happy Participating & Wish you Good luck to all!

*This Contest is valid for the people who is residing in India

*Participants will be chosen by Your participation in the give away

*Any queries regarding Contest Please Mail us at Shoppogyan@gmail.com

PS:Love you all 🙂

Update: Extended the last date of Contest from 31st August to 8th September to get more participants!

Update: India Gets Everything Free also Celebrating 1st year anniversary so we Clubbed and Conducting this Give Away!

Blog Marathon – Post 30 – Thank you

Hey all!!

Today is the last post of  Blog Marathon..Yes 30th post today..if you remember i started this Blog Marathon on May 12th 2012 and today its 30th day.

I am really happy to gain more bloggers,page views,comments from other bloggers..wow..really had a happy 30 days and yes will continue the same.

Coming August this Blog 1st year birthday..so again will start Blog Marathon soon closer to the date and next time will be interesting with lot more interactions etc.

i just wanna say “Thank You” to all my readers who encouraging me to write more posts and really your all blogs are awesome 🙂

Big thank you to all…really without you i cant write more posts and i hope you encourage me all the time 🙂

i am thanking every individual who visited here 🙂

Hope you liked my posts and please fell free to give feedback here.so that i can improve myself 🙂

So Guys,hope you had a happy weekend and I wish you too have a Blessed week ahead too 🙂

take care..see you on next post( Next post will be about Award that i received)..ssshh! its secret:D



Blog Marathon – Post 25 – 100+ Views crossed

Hya all,I hope you all are happy..keep Smiling 🙂

coming to 25th post of Blog Marathon..This post is regarding my Blog Stats..yes 🙂

you know yesterday was my highest number of views so far and it touched 100+..yes and this is my biggest achievemnt so far..I was eagerly waiting for this day

ok,now i am sharing the screenshot of my yesterday stats to share my happiness..yes i am very happy 🙂

*119 views on June 4 2012 and this is my Busiest day so far 🙂

I am so happy to share this stats to you all and looking forward for more views like this and i assure you that i will keep on posting here with good information.

My next task is to bring 200+ a day and i hope it will happen soon 🙂

So guys i hope you like my all post or any feedback you want to give..please share here 🙂 i would like to know how you feel about this blog.

See you guys on 26th post and i hope it will be interesting one 🙂

Xoxo:D lol

PS:My special thanks to Vaish , Shyam and Boomie to supporting me all the way (Click their name to see their own Blogs)