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Becoming your own boss sounds like it’s too good to be true sometimes. That’s something that only happens in movies to people who don’t have any of the responsibilities that a real-life person has, or to people who were born with a lot of money. They have a nice cushion to fall back on, just in case things don’t work out. That’s not actually the case.

According to a report done by The Freelancers Union, there are 53 million individuals working as freelancers within the United States of America alone. For a little bit of perspective, that accounts for over a third of the total workforce.

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OFF Mode-Android App Review

Is your Smart Phone Disturbing you from Driving?

Is your Smart Phone Distracting you from work/meeting etc.,?

If you answered “YES” to any one of the above Questions then you definitely in need of “OFF Mode Application” (Currently its available only on Android)


OFF MODE is an app for Android that blocks notifications from appearing on your mobile phone screen, allowing you to unplug, promoting safer driving and better phone etiquette with fewer distractions.

offmodeIt’s one of the best APP that Promote Safety and Social Phone Etiquette

How To Use this App :-

  • Click here to Install OFF MODE APP
  • Once You install you can see the choices like “I’m Driving”, “In a Meeting Etc..You can also customize it as per your choice
  • Once you click that it prompt to start this so that while you’re busy it automatically reject and respond the calls and message with the Automated Text messages letting that person know you’re busy.With OFF Mode, business meetings are more effective, social outings are more personal, and driving becomes a safer experience. If you don’t know texts or calls are coming through, you can keep your eyes on the road (or the boardroom). Where they belong.
  • You can also enable timer to how long to be on OFF MODE,during a Movie,schedule meeting etc.,
  • Once you finish the work you can deactivate it and later it shows the list of calls,messages so that you cant miss anything.

Is that amazing? Yes it is…you can enjoy more once you install the APP


Features of the OFF MODE APP :-

  • Automated Response with Custom Message
  • Blocks The Incoming Call
  • Allow Incoming Call from Favorite Contacts
  •  It not only blocks notifications but keeps a record of the fact that no outgoing activity has taken place.
  • Other features include Facebook login integration, and username inclusion in the automatic text message responses. OFF MODE was released in May 2013 and is available as a free download for Android devices.

and Lots more..

So Why Waiting? Just Install the OFF MODE OFF and Stay Connected While You’re Busy!

To Download the OFF MODE App Click here

For more Information Visit their Site here

Like them on Facebook too

“Don’t Get Addicted on Smart Phone,Their are lot of things outside to Learn..Enjoy it using OFF MODE App”

Blog Marathon – Post 29 – Samsung Galaxy S111 Got cheaper (Updated)

hiya all 🙂

Coming to our 29th Post of Blog marathon,this is a update post from blog Marathon Post 24  🙂

Some happy news for Samsung Galaxy lovers..yes i found some cheaper price in some online stores 🙂 yes i amazed after seeing this price and thought of updating you 😀

Still in Samsung E-store Rs.42500 and they also launched Pebble blue with the same price 🙂


ok,now list of the site i found cheaper than previous post

adexmart.com– the price is only Rs.37,990 (Note:Last items in stock)-Go and grab soon!

offerbean.com– The price is Rs.37,999

gadgetsguru.com -The price is Rs.38,499 yes very less than other stores-Free shipping in india

shopbychoice.com-The price is Rs.38500 🙂 less than leading E-stores-COD only for Delhi & NCR

wow! the prices got very cheaper na?? Yes,this is called competitive market!! Go and Grab Soon!

Still i am waiting for reviews from users! will update soon!See you on next post and last day of Blog Marathon 🙂

Hope you liked it!If it is useful please comment here.

Have a safe weekend:)

PS:See the Update Post here on Price..Got even Cheaper-Right time to Buy


Blog Marathon – Post 27 – Nokia 808 PureView to be launched in India

Hallo all..How you doing ?

Coming to 27th post of  Blog Marathon 🙂 this post is about 41 MP  Nokia PureView phone going to be launch in India soon..Yay!!

*Please click the above image to check Nokia site.

Specifications :-

  • Camera 41MP Sensor, Pureview imaging technology and Full HD Video
  • Preloaded Nokia Maps, turn-by-turn satnav for over 100 countries
  • 16 GB Built in Memory and expandable upto 32 GB or 48 GB
  • 6.5 Hr Maximum 3G talk time and 640 Hr maximum 3G standby
  • Black,white and Red colors will be available
  • Protected by Corning gorilla Glass

Prices are not officially informed but several sites claiming that it would be approx Rs.29,500/- to Rs.32,000/-

you can also pre-order here and get Lens-protect worth Rs.1000 absolutely free.

Hope they will launch in mid-of this month 🙂 So,wait guys! you gonna be the Game changer to get this

Nokia launched the contest named Nokia Pureview “Story within a story”   (click the link and participate),you might win Nokia Pureview phones,Nokia Play 360 speakers and manymore to win!!

Will update the exact prices and other offers once they launch.

Hope you liked it!! See you guys on next post 🙂

XoXo 😀

Blog Marathon – Post 24 – Samsung Galaxy S111 Price (Updated)

Hey all 🙂

Coming to our 24th Post of Blog marathon,this is a update post from blog Marathon Post 20 and now i am going to post here the prices of galaxy S3  in various Online shopping sites 🙂

In Samsung E-store it is still Rs.42,500/- but in many other online stores they are giving @ Rs.38,900/-

The list of leading online shopping sites who giving at Rs.38,900/-

In Samsung E-store they are giving free HM-1700 Bluetooth worth Rs.2,299


I will update the review as soon as get into the hand of users 🙂 and please review here if anybody bought so it would be helpful for other users who are planning to buy.

So,will update another post soon with new updated prices,reviews etc 🙂

If you guys found lesser than this price please leave a comment 🙂

See you on next post till then take care 🙂

Update: Price got cheaper than listed here! Yes..Go and see my Post 29 (click post 29 to see more updates..soon!)

Update: Price got even lesser than This..Come here and see my updated post (click Updated Post to Read)

Blog marathon-Post 20-Samsung Galaxy S111 Launch

hey 🙂

Hope all doing well!! coming to 20th post of Blog-Marathon i am going to post about Samsung Galaxy S111 launched in India

Yes Samsung today (31st may 2012) Launched Samsung galaxy S 111 in at New Delhi (India)

Key Features :-

  • 12.19cm (4.8″) HD Super AMOLED
  • 8 MP Camera Resolution (Rear)
  • DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Talktime upto 1350min
  • weight- 133g
  • Battery standby upto 830Hr

currently its available on stores and in Samsung e-store the price of Samsung Galaxy S 111 is Rs.42,500/-  with free assured gift worth Rs.3798 if you ordered before June 3rd 2012 🙂


will update you the other store costs soon if i find cheaper than this 🙂


  • Slim
  • Attractive
  • Android operating system


  • Costlier than expected (the price is more than Samsung Galaxy Note)

After gathering views from users will post more review 🙂

So,what you thinking?? Is it worth-able ?? Let’s wait for user reviews and then can say.

my point of observation is the price will slow down soon within 3 months or so.i think they are doing Skimming strategy to know the reaction of user and then they will slow down the price 🙂

Guys,if you want to buy now,i prefer to choose in Samsung E-store and if you find lower than this please post here in comments 🙂

So,See you on Next post and i hope you will find interesting again!


*UPDATE: Hey please see the updated post of in my Blog Marathon Post 24 (please click Post 24 too see the updated one)

*Updated:Update: Price got cheaper than listed here! Yes..Go and see my Post 29 (click post 29 to see more updates..soon!)

*Updated:Even Got Cheaper than all! Yes I updated in my post (Click Post to read the updated one)


Blog Marathon-Post 15-Advertise with Dinamalar.com

Hey all 🙂

Hope you guys are fine:-)Coming to 15th post of Blog Marathon,I am going to Tell you about Dinamalar.com and advantages of advertising in Dinamalar.com

About Dinamalar.com

Dinamalar a Leading daily Tamil Morning Newspaper in India (About Dinamalar in Wiki),Dinamalar.com was launched in 1998 and currently having more than 192 Million Page views per month and have 20.48 Million Visitors per month.To be Apt Dinamalar.com have 2.05 M unique visitors it mean Every Once in 3 days a user visits our site.Coming to Digital..this is Huge! Yes that too for regional player its really awesome numbers 🙂

To be proud We are ahead of other national dailies too and no one can compare us with regional players and still some players are not well in Digital 🙂

We also have an iPhone/iPad Apps,Android Apps etc and soon we will launch Blackberry Apps too 🙂

Why Advertise with Dinamalar.com ?

Now in your mind may arise why with Dinamalar.com where others players are in Market.Yes! will answer your question now:-

  • 43.70% of users are belong to 25-34 Year Category and as you know the marketers mostly target in this category only 🙂
  • 43.6% of our users are Graduate and above Professional Stream and it mean our users are more literate
  • 70.6% of our users are Head of the household and it mean they are the decision maker in their family
  • every 3 Days once our visitors visit the site,it mean our visitors are more loyal

Not only this we are having 58% of NRI users are 42% of Indian users and we can even target NRI users hugely 🙂

We are the only Tamil publication have to have iPad,iPhone & Android OS Platforms

Lot more to say about Dinamalar.com..So if you want our Media kit i will send you the mail or we can meet at your place any day.So drop the comment over here and will brief you.

PS: The statistical Data are surveyed by Juxtconsult research and kindly share with your friends who in need

PSS: Looking forward for mutually beneficial relationship