Together For a Better Journey

As we all know together can make anything than Individual because “Together” can learn manythings and achieve in life. When I think about together it reminds me of Hellen Keller Quotes

Alone we can do so little: together We can do so much

housing-togetherToday I am going to share about my memorable day and how it changed my life to the better journey.

It was in the year 2011 my Management course was about to end and we friends were worried about placements as it was the most crucial time in our life because we must get placed in a good company at-least with good pay. Many companies were hiring for Marketing and it was mostly for pure hard core sales like Demat Account opening , Insurance selling etc but still we were looking out for the better opportunity to start our corporate journey in a better position.

Day’s passed away and we were in the final days of placement and some of our friends got hired in FMCG companies and some in Insurance companies etc and and we were left with a few options to select from. Me and two of my close friends decided to appear for off-campus and direct interviews instead of relying on placements only.First we decided to search the market and what Job is currently trending and after many research we found Marketing research and Online Marketing is at peak but they require experience to proceed further.

Even though we took a challenge and applied for companies who require freshers and at-least 1 year experience and yes it’s really worked because some companies looked out for fresh talent from B-schools and yea we are fit in that.We started appearing for Interviews and we saw some confident in us because both field has huge opportunities to choose.

Finally one of my close friend got placed in Market research company and we two only left with but later appearing in other Online Media companies we both got selected as Online Marketing Manager in two different companies.The day when i got placed was my most memorable day in my life because we placed in our desired field and also a promising career.

We were so excited about the career and we felt “Together For a Better Journey” because We fought so hard to get the better journey. My Parents are so excited and they blessed us for future career and even we went to our hometown and got blessing from our parents and elders to start this exciting journey as we said it is “Together for a Better Journey”

it make me reminds me of Favorite quote by James Cash Penney

Growth is never by mere chance ; It is the result of forces working together

and yes i felt that it’s a forces of working “Together” because together can change a life.


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How Did I Begin My New Life…

As We all Know starting life over is something we must do every second,because life is once we must live our life to the fullest. When I think about Starting a New life it reminds me of Jean-Paul Sartre Quote.

“To Know What Life is Worth you Have to Risk It Once In a While”

Today I am going to share about How i changed my life taking bold and bigger step in my own life.

It was in the year 2008 I was doing my final year of graduation at my hometown Trichy and was planning to study MBA in a Good business school but decided not to study in hometown because i wanted to explore new opportunities as its my life and i wanted to live the fullest so i was preparing for Entrance Exams like CAT/XAT to join good college.It was so difficult to manage both as it was my final year of graduation too.Even some of my friends said to study in same college where i did my graduation but i was stick to my point that will definitely go to different city and study.

I wrote entrance exams like CAT/XAT/MAT etc to apply in good colleges and atlast i got the opportunity to study in good Business school in Delhi but again going to Delhi from my hometown was a big task as my parents didn’t allow me first as it was so far from my hometown and they were worried about add more even my lecturers asked me to study at same college where i did graduation but i was so adamant to explore new opportunities and places because all i want is “Change In my Life” and i thought that is the best time to “Start My New Life”.it was like Now or Never!

After long discussions with my parents they agreed me to go and join in that college and i was happy like anything but inside was worried too as its totally new place,different languages,different people but still i took a bold step to “Start My New Life”.

Life In Delhi taught me many things as it was my first time i stayed alone with whole lot of new people and new things and it was totally different me and i must say i enjoyed it much because i’m here to explore new things and opportunities in life.The problem at starting i faced was Paying Guest accommodation and language but my fellow friends helped me many ways to learn Hindi and later I moved out to a 1 BHK room* along with four of my friends

Later I finished my MBA and worked in Delhi itself and It was more interesting because entering at corporate life that too a Capital city like Delhi is really Awesome.Totally for 3 1/2 years I stayed in Delhi and i must stay it’s a turning point of my life as i learned many things and it was the biggest step in my life.Now i live happily in other city and still learning new things as i said earlier Life is once Live to the fullest.

*I wish I had known or seen at that moment for better options while we were searching a house.

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Hi readers..

Today’s post is going to be really positive,all about positivity in life.Can you imagine a life without positivity?well,I think yes we can,but not a good life because a good life means a positive mind.We have seen people talking about being positive in life but I did listen to them and followed them in order to become a more positive person.I see people become stressed easily due to work load,relationships,financial issues and many more things.But they always have a choice to change their current situation.How? The answer lies in changing the thinking pattern.People need to become aware of their thinking,if they see that their thinking is going in negative direction ,then they need to redirect their thoughts in positive way.

We live only once and we should live with positive attitude in life.I always beleived in the power of positive thoughts and positive atmosphere in shaping a person’s personality.But reading the book~Secrets ,law of attraction completely filled my life with optimism.I experienced lots of positive changes in my life because I started attracting positive things,positive people in life just because of my positive thinking.

Here I would like to share a motivating story.My family always loved me because I am the youngest one.I am always pampered by every member of family.When I started my job,I felt so lazy going to office everyday early in the  morning.Sometimes I took off :D But one day my elder sister came to me and guided me properly.She said that if I will not work hard then success will not come easily as there is no shortcut to success.She also told me stories of other relatives who worked day and night,to become successful.Their success and struggle stories really influenced me in right direction.I felt like that at that particular moment I was filled with immense optimism which was really required at that time.I came to know the value of optimism because optimism gives hope to the hopeless,it gives direction to the one who is lost in journey of life.It shows a clear path to success.Optimism is a very powerful tool to get closer to the success and other important things in life.Life is full of challenges,but to face those challenges with courage we need to fill ourselves with optimism.We can make the challenged much more easier with hope.When we know that we will pass the phase for sure through hard work and dedication,then half the battle is already won.I am leading a very good life now and this was my story that inspired me to realise my own worth.The moments of optimism helped me a lot to understand self-worth.

I would like to tell you all that optimism is the need of hour.Kindly check this link here –

Housing envisions a world filled with positivity.Live life with optimism and make your life better.



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Are you planning to avail Home loan but you do not have margin money to avail housing loan and it is stopping you to achieve your dream.

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Home Development Personal Loan (HDPL) by Muthoot Finance designed for the down payment of a New property will have a repayment Period of Five Years

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Overdraft Loan Facility With Muthoot Finance

Muthoot finance has launched its new product overdraft loans (OD) to help SME grow business..Overdraft Facility by Muthoot Finance is Hassle free. As Muthoot Finance is leading Market player and the brand we can trust with.


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Below Features Of Muthoot Overdraft Loan (OD) make it sutiable options for SMEs and Future businesses :-

Below Features of Muthoot Overdraft Loan (OD) make it suitable options for SMEs and Future businesses

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Since Overdraft Loan Facility (OD) is essentially a secured loan the interest Rates are lower than other forms of unsecured loans.

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Stylish Dresses At Promtimes

The prom dresses collection at Promtimes  is amazing as they have all types of prom dresses.They have sequins dresses,they have lace dresses,they have floral dresses,they have rhinestone dresses,they have cutout work dresses,they have short/mini dresses,long dresses,they have tulle floor length dresses,they have beading prom dresses,they have a nice collection of off-shoulder dresses too.The prom dresses at this website are available in chiffon fabric,organza with crystal detailing that makes them look more sparkling.The floor length pleats prom dresses are amazing.At this site there is good collection of ball gowns too.
These dresses are available in all colors,bright and dark shades which will make you the star of your prom party.
Now I will share the pictures of the best prom dresses I like at this website.



This beautiful dress is available at really great discounted price.You can wear it for prom party,formal evening,military ball.This is perfect to wear in any season.It has beading and sequin work.There are so many colors available in this dress and you can choose your favourite color and get this gorgeous dress at your doorstep. It has really good collection of all types of prom dresses.This is a website you can buy all events dresses.You can shop buy price,shop by style and shop by size.You get many options to choose from.
Style Prom dresses are loved by all and leave everyone impressed.These make a a perfect attire for prom parties.So I can gladly say that its time to channelise the vintage style prom dresses.You can amp up the look with crystal embellished clutch.Go vintage this season and dont overstyle and end up looking weird.Keep accessories to minimal but yes accessories could be blingy.Opt for simple yet stylish accessories which can create a visual impression.

Thanks and see you on next Post!