Quikr NXT – No Fikar Chat Quikr

We live in the age where everything is just a click away and we want to experience the same without hassle-free.

When we think of posting Ad’s on Classifieds and lot of buyers calls to ask for information in middle of office meeting , during your interview , dating with girl/boy friend and so on makes you not to post your Ad’s at all but Wait Thanks to Quikr (India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portal) Introduced Quikr Nxt! Yes No More calls that makes you angry with Quikr Nxt you can just chat with buyer / seller across Mobile App , mobile site and yeah even on desktop site!

Quikr-NxtThree Reasons why I Prefer Chat Over Calls :-

1. Parallel chat With Multiple Buyers / Sellers :-

In calls I have to talk with each buyers / sellers during my busy hours and takes much time to decide but with Chat I can converse with Multiple buyers & Sellers at Same time so it makes me easier and I can takes decision faster.

2. Keeping My Number Private :-

With Quikr NXT! I can converse with buyers / sellers without even revealing my number so it assures my number complete privacy and can chat with buyers / sellers easily.  (Tip :- While Posting Your AD In your contact information section Click “Maintain My Privacy” to avail this feature)

3.Chat History :- 

I’m the kind of person who always forget and it’s hard to remember all at once and yeah with Quikr NXT all my chats can be tracked so don’t have to remember what I talked with that buyer and this seller.Simply Track in the Quikr NXT and it makes my life so easy!

There are lot more benefits through chat over Phone calls as it’s make you more simple and easily converse with your buyers / sellers at same time.

Quikr NXt is a step to ensure smart , simple and safe transactions so No Fikar Chat Quikr!

This feature will really transform India’s Online classifieds market as it’s enable buyers or sellers to communicate at their convenience without revealing our phone number and yeah It’s a next generation thing where Quikr on the Upper-hand and surely it will make a hit in the market where other players seriously think of this.

Other Features Of Quikr NXT :-

  • Works across Quikr’s mobile app , mobile site and even on website.
  • Offline users gets a notification so that we can chat once we are back online
  • chat histories get saved for future reference
  • We can share Additional Images through chat so it makes more easier
  • Delete or Block Unwanted conversations

TVC of Quikr NXT!

In above TVC you can see how they get disturbed while in middle of office / dining and how Quikr NXt helps them easier.

So No fikar ,bech Quikr!

This Post is for Indi Happy Hours in Association with Get Quikr NXT!To Know more about revolutionary experience visit  http://www.quikr.com/

Image Source:- http://trak.in/



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