My Delhi Manifesto

Delhi-It’s Not Just a City,It’s a Book-A book which narrates History Of India..Seven times this city went through the pain of being built and rebuilt.

Delhi-One of the Historically richest and Modern cities in the World.

Famous Quote On Delhi : “Dilli Dilwalon Ki” (Delhi is of people with large-hearted/daring)

Before going to My Delhi’s Manifesto wanted to Quote some Lines from “A Paradise That’s Delhi” By Khushwant Singh

Humpty Dumpty, hocus pocus, hurly burly
If there is a paradise on earth, it is Delhi
Full of people, overflowing
Markets onto the road going 
Full of fumes, full of gases
Full of ultra modern asses
Full of shining, made-up faces
Full of heart and cancer cases
Car and truck and motorcycle
Full of vehicle on the vehicle
Full of jolting, full of stoking
Full of lanes and bylanes choking
Full of housing haywire going
Full of sewage into Jamuna flowing
Full of callous indifference breeding
Full of pastures fast receding
Full of power, and still power crisis
Full of smoothly rising prices
Full of girth and grime and mirth
Our Delhi is a paradise on earth.

Delhi at Present!

Is heart of our country unsafe for women ? and Delhi Facing many problems like corruption,governance issues etc.,? is Delhi the city more number of tallest building than trees ?

My Delhi Manifesto :-

1. Voluntarily Every citizen must plant more number of trees.

2. Women should get right protection and Gender Equality for which Government should take severe action against Eve-teasing,hooliganism,Ragging etc.

3. Delhi Government should start recycling the waste into useful such as Bio-gas etc.

4. Voting should be made mandatory to every citizen who are eligible to vote also provision for voting from other cities should be enable.

5. Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility for Every Citizen and government should take sever action who are against this.

6. Government should take strict action against non-tax payers.

and more…

If We Citizens Co-operate with Government we can Bring Proud to Delhi again!“Together We Can”

Unity is Strength..Instead of blaming others.”We” must bring a change in our self!

”Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar, bas ishq mohabbat pyaar”


This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Hope you liked my post..What’s your’s?


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